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5000 Classic Books on a 6GB USB Flash Thumb Drive........More Info
This collection includes over 5000 Public Domain Books in Electonic (.TXT) format. They can be viewed on any computer running Windows OS, Linux OS, or Mac OS. Titles include the Works of Shakespeare, Mark Twain, H. G. Wells, Jane Austen, Ibsen and many, many, many more authors. The Works vary from Poetry to Mystery novels to historical novels to Biographies and Phylosophical works. This collection has pretty much every classic novel you can think to name
FOR ANCIENT HISTORY (on 4GB Portable Thumb Drive)...........More Info

This 4GB USB Flash Thumb Drive Includes:
  • The Complete Text of Over 1,200 Individual Works From 98 Different Authors: These are very hard to find and rare works from Greek and Roman writers . From Aeschines to Xenophon
  • All Permissions to make Personal Copies both Printed and Digital

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    Other Services: Your Curriculum on CD
    we can produce a CD-ROM personalized to complement your curriculum.
    1. You can choose from our selection of over 6200 texts.
    2. Add your own original materials and studyguides.
    3. We can also scan-in extra texts or books you may want to include which are not yet in our collection as long as they are in the public domain. We will find, purchase and scan the books for you. In the past we have found and scanned books as rare as an English translation of �The Roman Antiquities by Dionysius of Halicarnassus� published in 1758 and an English translation of �On Medicine by A. Cornelius Celsus� from 1837. (A very rare and hard to find book, just to name a few)

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