Greek and Roman Literature:

Installation Instructions and Help:
System Requirements

1. A recent Internet Browser such as Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 5.0™ or higher, Netscape™ 4.7 or higher, or Mozilla™ Internet Browser 1.2 or higher. You can get the Mozilla browser for free at
2. ADOBE ACROBAT 5.0 ™ or higher . You can install it from Disk 3.

How to get started:

To get started double click the file start.htm to start it in your browser or open it from inside your browser. From the start.htm file you will be able to navigate thought the files in the CDs.
When you are prompted to Change CD simply change the CD in the CD-ROM drive and click the link on the Change page.

If you click on a link for a file that ends in .PDF and it doesn't open check that you have ADOBE ACROBAT™ installed on your computer
and that you have the right DISK in the CD-Rom Drive. The end of every link ends with the Disk that it is in.
For Example: Fifth Philippic .........brn0232e.pdf .......Disk 2
This means that "Fifth Philippic" is in file "brn0232e.pdf" and it is in Disk 2. It is also a .pdf file so you need to have ADOBE ACROBAT™ installed on your computer.

If you don't have ADOBE ACROBAT™5.0 installed on your computer you need to download it from here. You should get the most current version of Acrobat reader version 5.0 or higher. If you have MacOS X you should already have it. If you have WINDOWS you can install it from DISK 1. Just go to Disk 1, open the Acrobat Reader 5 directory, then the windows directory, then double click the file in that directory rp505enu.exe. But try to get the most current version from the ADOBE website.

How To Copy The Content of  All Three CDs Onto Your Harddrive So That You Can Browse All The Texts With Out Having to Change CDs:

1. Copy the directory  /brainfly/ on CD1 and all the sub-directories under it to your harddrive.
2. Copy all the files in the  html/books/ directory from each CD to the brainfly/html/books/ directory you have just created on your harddrive.
3. Now you can browse the content of all 3 CDs from your harddrive by double clicking the file brainfly/start.htm

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