Greek and Roman Literature:

How To Navigate the Annotation System:
   Bluedorn uses the Loeb Classics or standard system. The Loeb classics on the CD (such as Appian's "Roman History") use this system.  If the english is not numbered use the greek on the opposite page to guide yourself.  The Loeb books are page for page translations and what you see on the greek side is translated into english on the opposite (following) page.
     The works in plain text (html)  were on the most part stripped of the annotation system by those responsible for scanning them since there are differences among the different translators' numbering systems.   In general they differ by only one or two chapters.  For example:  Tacitus, Annals 13.15-17  means Tacitus's "Annals"  Book 13 Chapter 15 to chapter 17.  This is correct for the Loeb collection.  However in our electronic version the translator decided to break up one chapter into two chapters (one large and a very short chapter fragment), so the chapters you want are Chapters 17 to 19 and starts with "Nero was confounded at this".  So in general when counting chapters ignore very short chapters (one or two sentences). 
     The plain text versions also have the advantage that you can search them for every mention of "nero".  Once you have it open in your browser go to EDIT and choose "Find in this page".  Then search for "nero" (without the quotation marks)

    For A Book like Strabo's Ancient Geography: The annotation says "Strabo, Ancient Geography 17.1.4"  which means Strabo's Ancient Geography, Book 17, Section 1, Paragraph 4.     From the Start.htm page, choose "Browse by Author", page down to "Strabo", then on the Strabo page choose "Ancient Geography V3 - Book 17: Egypt and Africa .........brn0312s.pdf .......Disk 1" .
When you open it you'll see that the book is ordered into Chapters (they are the same as Sections)   In this text  the "paragraphs" are numbered, though you may notice they may be more than one paragraph long.  For example "paragraph" 2 starts on page 217 with  " 2. He says, that the Nile is distant...." ends on page 220 with "...Such is the account of Erastothenes."

So the Excerpt you are looking for is in Book 17, Section (Chapter) 1,  "paragraph" 4 which starts "4. The Nile, when it leaves the  boundaries of Ethiopia, flows in a straight line towards the North....."

So the Rules in general are:
For plain texts (HTML)  13.15 means Book 13 Chapter 15 (plus or minus 1 or two).  As Strabo illustrates the numbering system is is debated among translators.
For the PDFs.   Book=Book,   Chapter=Section/Chapter,   Paragraph="follow the way the translator has numbered it" / if he does not number it count paragraphs.

You can also use the web page   There you will see some of  the books with the Loeb system of numbering.  However several of the books on the CD have not yet made it into the Perseus project, or anywhere else on the web.  For Example they only have books 6-14.  While we have books 1-17.  You will also note that they use a slightly different more recent translation than ours.  In order to get all 17 books we opted for an older translation.  This was a choice we had to make for many of the books on the CD.

I hope this has been useful.  I will try to post it on the webpage as soon as I can.

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