The book you just requested as well as the following books were planned for this edition (1.0) but we were unable to find a pre-1923 version. If you know where we can locate an electronic or a regular paper book version of any of these books, if you would like to suggest a book for inclusion in a future version, or if you would like to send us feedback on this CD-ROM please email me at:

Antiphon -
First Tetralogy
On the Chorus Boy
Second tetralogy

On the Incarnation

Claudius -
Letter from Claudius to Officials in Alexandria concerning Jews

Cleomedes -
Concerning the Circular Motion of the Heavenly Bodies

Dio Chrysostom-

Erastothenes -
We only have a speech by Lysias Against Erastothenes

On the Use of the Parts of the Human Body

History of the Emperors

Commentary on Ezekiel

Nicomachus of Gerasa -
Manual of Harmonics
The Theology of Numbers

Pliny the Younger -
Panegyric on Trajan

Prudentius -
Against Symmachus
Book of hymns for every day
Book of the Martyrs Crowns
Scenes from Sacred history
The Divinity of Christ
The origin of sin
Spiritual combat

Quintus Curtius -
History of Alexander

Salvian -
Of Gods Government

Seneca -
Essay on Providece
Moral Letters
On Consolation to Helvia

Code of the Citizen Soldier
Marching Song
Spartan Soldier
To the Soldiers After a Defeat

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