Bookbot How-To:

How to Use Our "BookBot" Books by E-mail service

Quick Instructions for retrieving books by email from the Bookbot* service:
1. Send an email to the Bookbot: Fill out your email fields like this and send
TO:  bookbot@brainfly.net
SUBJECT: fetch=timem11.txt
 (where timem11.txt is the name of the file you want)
This should retrieve the book The Time Machine by H. G. Wells
 (Browse our webpage to find the book you want, click here for a list of the Books By Filesize

or request the list of books directly from the BookBot from where ever you are :
list1.txt    is a list of books from A to Q.
list2.txt    is a list of books from R-Z.
list.txt      is a list of ALL the books.

2. Send the email and in 2-3 minutes you should get back the book you requested.

If it does not work email me at: jorge@brainfly.net

 Click here to Try it now.


This is an experimental system and if you have any problems using it please email me. If you have any questions or suggestions for making the explanation simpler and easier to use or any suggestion about anything e-mail me at jorge@brainfly.net

* This is an experimental service. We reserve the right to cancel the subscription and/or the service at our discretion for any reason and at any time without reimbursing anything since the service is free. (My first disclaimer but it had to be done - seems harsh. I'll have to work on it. Hope it doesn't put you off the service. I hope to keep it going for a long time and to improve it.)