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DESCRIPTION: This is a collection of over 5000 eTexts in .TXT ASCII PLAIN TEXT FORMAT on a 6GB USB Flash Thumb Drive. The collection includes many of the great books of western civilization from Shakespeare to Milton, from Beasts of Tarzan to Beasts and Super-Beasts, from Hamlet to Heidi (yes that heidi). The books range from the quirky “Forty Centuries of Ink” to Plato’s “The Republic”. We have Adventure novels, mysteries, romance novels (8 Jane Austen books, 7 books by the Bronte sisters), science fiction classics from Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H. G. Wells. We also have many biographies and memoirs, political and social commentaries, the holy books of several world religions, philosophicaltexts and great histories by the ancient historians as well as more recent historians and writers. There are too many famous writers and titles to mention. Basically this is a Classical Education for the price of a night at the movies. Buy your children this collection and you may not have to buy them a book for years to come. Good for any Student Kindergarten to College.

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* 100% .TXT PLAIN TEXT FORMAT and unlike other formats like PDF and HTML you can easily manipulate them, convert them to any format, print them, add your own illustrations, foot notes,and publish them.

* 100% Searchable: Search them electronically.

* CAN BE READ ON ALMOST ANY DEVICE OR MACHINE.( the Otis, Casio Pocket manager,Rocket ebook REB1100, PDA, WebTablets, any computer Windows, Linux, Macs, even old ones etc.)

* LISTEN TO ALL 5000 BOOKS IN MP3: Includes a FREE program that will convert any of our .TXT PLAIN TEXT ebooks to spoken english in MP3 or WAV format so you can listen to it anywhere. The program is a fully functional shareware program that runs for 30 days. Each book takes about 10-15 minutes to convert to mp3 on my 950mhz Athlon.

* Includes the OpenOffice.Org Office Suite 1.0 which is a FULL FEATURED Office Suite with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. You can install it on every computer at home and your computer at work.

* Also included FREE is a one year subscription to our BOOKBOT* Books by Email Service. Retrieve books by email when you want, wherever you are with a simple email to our BookBot.

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5000 Classic Works of Literature